About Us

Qwick Media provides industry-ready operations in software, hardware and content production. We design and develop applications for interactive kiosks, digital signage, and mobile applications to enrich the consumer experience.

Our mission is to enhance physical locations through virtual services, open up new channels for guest services and to improve revenue while increasing customer loyalty.

Content creation, real-time analytics, network management, installation services and interactive advertising are at the core of our business. Our systems are designed to engage, empower and entertain.

Qwick Media is a global company that has offices in Burnaby, Canada (Head Office), Las Vegas, NeĀ­vada, USA (USA Headquarters), and Wuxi, China (Software Development Office).

We are a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq OTC BB: QWIKF.OB.

Range of Services

Qwick Media offers a comprehensive range of interactive and non-interactive technology solutions including:

  • Content Management Services: Integration, Scheduling, Maintenance
    and Monitoring
  • Hardware Design: Prototyping, Manufacturing, Assembly and
    Outsourcing Services
  • Software Development: Custom Coding to API integration
  • User Interface Design: Wire-framing to Multimedia Production
  • Content Production Services: Ongoing Development Services