Client Login

CMS Dashboard

The Content Management System (or, CMS) allows you to add, edit, or delete information, quickly and easily. All changes are then sent to your touch screens automatically.


Multimedia Gallery

The interactive image and video gallery is easy to update. Upload your own images and videos whenever you want, and your new content appear on the screens within moments. Create and make use of multiple playlists, and have different content on each of your touch screens.

Event Editing

Using the CMS, setting up an event is very similar to using Outlook or Google Calendar. You simply double click the time slot to add an event. Enter in a title, description, and choose a location. Drag and drop events to move them from one time to another.


Local Business Listing

Your touch screens can display information on local restaurants, tourist attractions, and hotel services, keeping your guests informed about the area around them and the services you can offer. The Content Management System allows you to change, edit, add or delete this information when needed, ensuring that it is always up to date and relevant to best serve the needs of your guests.

Live Analytics Review

Our built in analytics engine gives you the ability to see exactly how your guests are using your touch screens. Keep track of what times of day are busiest, or which apps and screens they view the most. The analytics review gives you the information you need to make the most out of the system.


Hotel Services

Local Attractions Listing



Multiple Kiosks

Manage all your kiosks simultaneously

Map Arrangement

Never print a map again


Simple, quick and intuitive

Manage different playlists on different kiosks. Promote your Day Spa on one kiosk and your in-house restaurant on another.

Update rooms, booths, attractions quickly and with ease. Keeping maps up to date helps your clients get where they need to be.

Manage all data appearing on the kiosks from your own computer.  Update data on the fly and watch it appear in real time on the kiosk.