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Let QwickWay show you cost effective, versatile, rapid 3D wayfinding with outstanding details and simplicity.

  • Simplistic in design and use
  • Easily managed in real time
  • A part of the complete integrated package or a stand alone product
  • Applicable in endless aisle in stores for retail.

The mapping and wayfinding system includes elevators, escalators, stairways, and pedways between buildings. Getting directions between floors is easy.


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QwickWay™ is your leading digital 3D Interactive Wayfinding

QwickWay 3d wayfinding is widely used across many industries, such as events and conferences, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, and tourism. Wayfinding is an ultimate feature of our in-house developed touchscreen software. We use interactive 3D, multi-level custom designed maps that are clear and easy to use, and assist your customers in finding their way with step by step directions.

Map Arrangement

Update rooms, booths, attractions quickly and with ease.  Keeping maps up to date helps your clients get where they need to be.


Intuitive User Interface

Qwick Media designs visually attractive self-service kiosk interfaces that engage users and successfully guide them to fulfill their self-service needs.  Our touchscreen software is built according to the highest standards of self-service.

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Content Management System - QwickManager

QwickManager is a cloud-based application that allows the user to add, update, edit, or delete information displayed on interactive kiosks or digital signage, quickly and easily. All information is updated instantly, ensuring data and content is always new and relevant.

Analytical Tools

Qwick Media built-in analytics engine collects and analyzes data on customer behavior patterns. This information is summarized in useful metrics and reports.

Analytical tools gives you the ability to see exactly how your guests are using your touch screens. Keep track of what times of the day are busiest, or which apps and screens they view the most.

Multiple Kiosk Management

Manage different playlists on different kiosks.  Promote your Day Spa on one kiosk and your in-house restaurant on another.

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