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Drive Real Estate Sales with Interactive Technology

Produce visually rich and interactive presentations to create an immersive buying experience that drives sales.

Modern technology for today’s savvy home buyers

Families and individuals looking to buy a home expect a high-tech and engaging buying experience. Our interactive showroom solution for real estate centres will offer your team a mobile way to provide a fully immersive experience for your clients and investors. Organize and promote your properties, feature floor plans and compare properties with large, captivating kiosk touchscreens. Our user-friendly CMS lets you keep your inventory up to date with just one click, from any connected device, anywhere, any time. And with the ability to transfer your virtual showroom to any Windows-based tablet, your team can take these powerful features wherever they’re needed.

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Packed with immersive features that your clients will love

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An Immersive Buying Experience

Large, captivating touchscreens help to engage clients and create a fully immersive buying experience. Beautifully display available properties and their unique floor plans.
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Cloud-Based Content Management

Update inventory, promote property amenities and other high-value features with our cloud-based, user-friendly content management system. It’s easy to update all your content from any connected device, at any time.
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Data and Property Organization

Designed specifically for the real estate industry, our interactive showroom solution organizes your real estate data, offering your team a professional and visual way to answer property inquiries, compare properties, and showcase properties with engaging photo and video content.
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Mobile Solutions for Modern Sales

Bring eye-catching displays on-the-go! Transfer your interactive showroom to any Windows-based tablet so your team can take advantage of our high-tech features at showings.
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Reduce the Need for Printed Brochures

Support the sustainability movement by transferring the content of your printed brochures and flyers to a digital kiosk. Your clients can take property information with them on their mobile devices with send to text, email or QR code functionalities.
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Advertise New listings with Digital Signage

Built in digital signage applications are the perfect way to advertise your new property listings. Upload eye catching photo and video content that is sure to engage your buyers.

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