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Keep Your Tourists Connected with Interactive Kiosks

Designed specifically for the tourism industry, our kiosks are equipped with a range of features to connect your visitors to all sectors of your city’s hospitality industry.

A sustainable way to increase engagement and generate revenue

Build an interactive tourism experience with our cloud-based platform packed with plenty of customizable features and intuitive templates. Affordable for any city, our tourism kiosks are simple to monetize with eye-catching marketing features. Built-in cloud-based content management keeps your visitors engaged with real-time content and analytics allow you to make smart, data-driven decisions for your city.

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Why Your City Needs a Tourism Kiosk Network

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Everything at your Visitors Fingertips

Provide your visitors with real-time, self-serve information and booking options for accommodations, attractions, amenities and more!
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Support your Sustainability Initiatives

Eliminate costly single-use printed marketing materials & maps. Visitors can take information with them using QR codes.
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Promote Local Events on your Kiosk

Our built-in CMS makes event management effortless. Designed to be as simple as Google calendar, add, edit and create multiple event playlists for your entire network.
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Keep Revenue in your Community

Monetize by charging membership fees, offering multimedia digital signage space and featured business placements to keep your kiosk network cost neutral.
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Help Visitors Navigate Your City

Seamlessly integrate 3D wayfinding services, maps, and transportation schedules so your visitors can make the most of their visit to your city.
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A single platform to manage your entire network

Our platform can support your entire network of digital solutions: Update your kiosk content, digital signage and wayfinding maps all in one place. Or, connect your website with an API and watch the content automatically update when you make changes to your site.

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