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Qwick Tourist

Build your own Interactive Tourism Directory
Real-time information for visitors to ensure they get the most out of their visit to your city!
Interactive Tourism Kiosks Your Local Business & Visitors Will Love

Qwick Tourist is a cloud-based platform that lets you build an interactive tourism directory using customizable and intuitive templates. It’s easy to use and simple to monetize for cities looking to increase visitor engagement. This platform offers robust interactive features at an affordable price making it more accessible than ever to promote your cities hospitality partners using a network touchscreen kiosks.

Boost Revenue and Visitor Engagement

Qwick Tourist offers a modern, convenient, and highly customizable way to increase visitor engagement for cities and tourism bureaus using touch screen kiosks. Qwick Tourist can do it all! Build an interactive tourism directory, display digital advertising media with its built in content rotator and keep guests connected by allowing them to send kiosk information to their mobile with text, email or QR codes! And, the best part? Our proprietary content management system ensures you can update the content of your kiosks from anywhere, at any time.

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Why Choose

Qwick Tourist

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Flexible Licensing Options

Monthly, Quarterly, or yearly licensing packages make Qwick Tourist an attainable solution for any city.
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Monetize From Your Kiosk Network

Charge membership fees, offer multimedia digital signage, and featured business placements.
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Everything at Your Visitors' Fingertips

Provide your visitors with real-time, self-serve information and booking options.
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Commit to Sustainability

Eliminate the need for costly printed materials.
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Universal Touchscreen Compatibility

Our platform performs on any commercial touchscreen brand.
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Showcase Your Cities Events

The Qwick Tourists event app makes it simple for your city to promote its local events, festivlas, fairs and concerts to visitors.

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