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ELO Wallaby22

Compact with powerful features.

The Wallaby line of self-service kiosks streamlines the installation of interactive experiences in high-traffic public environments. Create a unified approach to any customer experience in point of sale and self-service applications. With both floor and countertop standing units available, the Elo Wallaby22 can seamlessly integrate into any space. Custom branding options are available, including vinyl wrapping applications.

Looking for additional security? We can add optional bolt holes to the base of your kiosk to fasten it directly to any floor surface.

Qwick Specs

  • Outfitted with a 22” PCAP screen
  • Offered in both portrait and landscape orientation
  • Internally supported by an I5 Intel® NUC PC, 4GB, 128GB, SSD WIFI & Bluetooth enabled
  • Windows 10 or Android O/S
  • Complete & comprehensive 3 years warranty
  • Floor Stand or Countertop Stand, You Choose!
  • Add on Peripheral devices like thermal printers, bar code scanners, payment terminals and more!


  • Countertop Stand: 11.6″ x 9.1″ x 17″
  • Floor Stand: 22.1″ x 14.6″ x 47″
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Where You’ll Find the

ELO Wallaby22

This compact and powerful touchscreen kiosk is a perfect fit for applications in endless aisle, self ordering, virtual concierge, loyalty programs, brand experience, patient check-in and more.

Power Up Your Kiosk with Software

Our flexible hardware options can be combined with our QwickManager software (CMS) platform to deliver a powerful and innovative solution for any industry.

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