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Expand your store’s inventory with Endless Aisle kiosks 

Streamline your customer’s experience with Endless Aisle software specifically designed for the retail industry. Wayfinding features bring the convenience of ecommerce to your brick and mortar store and expands your inventory by digitally showcasing products to customers.  

E-commerce convenience for brick and mortar stores. 

Endless Aisle software brings the power and convenience of an online store to your physical storefront – along with other engaging retail features! This multi-functional software has digital signage capabilities, allowing you to display promotional content, coupons, and recipes, which can also be printed directly through the kiosk. Item out of stock in-store? Link your online store so customers can purchase directly through the kiosk and have items shipped to their home. Grow your mailing list with email collection campaigns and give your customers the best shopping experience with in-store wayfinding features and the ability to check stock and locate nearby stores. 

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Why Your Store Needs Endless Aisle

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Endless Features

Customized for your store goals, Endless Aisle can be tailored to offer the latest features to improve your customers’ shopping experience. In-store wayfinding, coupons, recipes, email campaigns, direct-from-kiosk ordering, and more, all available for your kiosk network.
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Reduce Expenses

Staffing and leasing costs can both be reduced using Endless Aisle. Automate common staff tasks such as in-store directions, sales promotions, and stock inquiries.
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Increase Inventory

Bring your e-commerce inventory to your physical storefront with Endless Aisle kiosks. Kiosks let you increase product availability without the need for extra shelf space.

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