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Cloud-based Content Management for your Kiosk Network.
Unify communication across your kiosk network with our proprietary content management system packaged into a user-friendly interface.
Update your kiosks in real-time

Qwick Manager is a cloud based content management software that boasts leading-edge technologies into a user-friendly interface. Our proprietary system unifies communication across platforms so your organization can rely on a single API software management solution.

QwickManager is packed with features to help your business grow

Displayed on a user-friendly dashboard and packed full of cloud-based features, QwickManager offers a single management platform to update content, digital signage, wayfinding and e-commerce features across your entire kiosk network. Multilingual options expand your audience and built-in analytics provide feedback to help you to make smart, data-driven decisions. QwickManager uses API’s to seamlessly integrate with other pre-existing platforms to transfer data and content directly to your kiosk. QwickManager easily communicates with any external hardware device so you can add webcams, scanners and thermal printers to enhance your kiosks functionality.

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Why Choose


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User-friendly design

QwickManger was designed so that any member of your organization can log in and update the content on your kiosks without a challenging learning curve. Drag and drop images, copy and paste content, and hit save. It's that simple!
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A single platform to manage your entire network

Our platform can support your entire network of digital solutions: Update your kiosk content, digital signage and wayfinding maps all in one place. Or, connect your website with an API and watch the content automatically update when you make changes to your site.
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Rapid and Remote updates

Log in to your QwickManager account, update content from any connected device, and watch it appear on your kiosk in real time.
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Optimise with Analytics

Our kiosks capture unique customer information, demographics and behaviour patterns. It then organizes the data to provide you with easy-to-digest analytic reports that can be exported with excel. Use this information to understand how customers engage with your kiosks network and make data driven decisions to achieve your business goals.
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A Custom Solution

You have goals that are unique to your organization. That’s why we custom tailor QwickManager to meet your needs. We have the experience and technology to build any features you may need, no matter how simple or complex!
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Add External Modules

Qwick manager is equipped to support a variety of external modules including thermal printers, card readers, 2D scanners, RFID, webcams, temperature sensors, Bluetooth, 3D wayfinding email text & QR code recognition and more! "

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