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Help your visitors get to where they’re going
Affordable and adaptable navigation and wayfinding features for your kiosk network.
Help your guests navigate your space!

QwickWay is a cost effective, versatile, and interactive wayfinding software. QwickWay designs and builds custom multi-level interactive maps, giving your guests turn-by-turn directions to any point of interest on your property.

QwickWay is packed full of features to get your guests moving!

QwickWay offers a number of adaptable features including Automatic Destination Routing, the ability to include building information, schedules, amenities and even a Smart Search feature for guests to search by location or point of interest. QwickWay will even adjust routes based on current detours, helping them find the shortest (and safest) route to their destination. Offer accessibility with pre-programmed ADA approved routes and multilingual maps! Track and monitor guest flow through your property with Wayfinding Analytics and make updates in real-time with our remote management features.

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Why Choose


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Reduces Customer Stress

Directory menus and smart search functionalities help your guests decide where they want to go. Directions appear on a captivating 3D map of your building, along with interactive walking pathways to any room, building, or location.
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Mobile Friendly

There's no need for your customer to memorize directions, they can simply scan a QR code on the kiosk and take the directions with them.
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Environmentally and Budget Conscious

Eliminates the cost and environmental impact of printing and distributing paper maps.
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Real-Time Updates

Quickly and remotely update your map to reroute your guests or highlight new additions to your property through our integrated content management system.
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Highly Integrative

Integrate additional digital solutions like directories, booking platforms, digital signage and more into your wayfinding platform.
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Reduces Staff Burdens

Free up your staff from having to answer common directional questions! Guests can use the kiosk to find the information they need to start exploring.

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