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With over 10 years of experience in the field of Interactive Technology, our team has the expertise to develop custom kiosk solutions that are tailored to your business goals.

All software is supported by our user-friendly, cloud-based content management system, so you can internally manage your kiosk network, making updates to your content remotely and in real-time! With the ability to connect to your organization’s existing APIs and outfitted with built-in analytics, you’ll find our software solutions are ready to propel your business growth.

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Qwick Manager Content Management System

Our proprietary cloud-based content management system that unifies communication across platforms so your organization can rely on a single API software management solution.

Qwick Tourist Software

A cost-effective, interactive software solution that allows hospitality stakeholders to build their own interactive tourism directories for a kiosk network.

Leading left line | Qwick Media solutions
Leading left line | Qwick Media solutions

QwickWay Wayfinding Software

QwickWay is our robust and versatile interactive 3D wayfinding software, supported by our proprietary, user-friendly CMS.

Qwick Signage Software

Powered by our user-friendly CMS, Qwick Signage creates visually immersive, informative and interactive digital displays to enhance customer experience.

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