Multi-Display Kiosks

Great flexibility for unique business requirements. Ideal for department stores, auto dealers, hospitality industry, and many other applications.

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Top Screen

Animated video advertisements, special events, and today's hottest entertainment news – all displayed in HD quality.

Middle Screen

Programmable branding screen to promote your supporting alliances and provide relevant content.


Interactive content including wayfinding, directories, printing, multilingual info, and on-demand video.

3 Sided

Multiface Kiosks (3 Sided)

3 identical screens on 3 sides in a free standing design, offering a 360 degree visibility. Ideal for hospitals, universities, government offices, retail environments, transit locations and any other high traffic locations.

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Single Screen

Single Screen Kiosks

Make a big impression with all functions on one large screen. A more personal and inviting design that commands attention to your business.

Perfect for trade shows, shopping malls, department stores and restaurants.

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