Vision = Reality

Rich Visuals

Intuitive user interface design allows you and your clients to easily interface with our software’s features.


3D Wayfinding navigates you with ease through multiple levels and between different buildings.

Unique Apps

Custom designed applications provide you with the tools to meet your client’s needs.

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Control your information through a Content Management System, ensuring data and content is always new and relevant.


Showcase targeted information and advertising based on your unique needs.

Just for you

Customized software that meets both your company’s requirements as well as your client’s.

Little Bit About Us

Established 5 years ago, Qwick Media has been developing interactive touch screen software and hardware to provide solutions for various retail and signage applications.  We pride ourselves on creating the most intuitive user experience in the industry. Your company and clients will enjoy a seamless, efficient and productive experience with each one of our unique products, making your vision a reality.

Visit WaterFillz®

Qwick Media is proud to announce the acquisition of Waterfillz®. Founded in 2008, Waterfillz® produces water bottle refilling stations, with the goal of reducing the use of plastic water bottles and supporting a green and sustainable environment. Using 3M filtration and UV disinfection, Waterfillz® units provide clean, safe drinking water from any municipal water source. Combined with Qwick Media’s interactive wayfinding and Content Management System, Waterfillz® kiosks can be a valuable addition to any public event, business or school.

Waterfillz® has placed over 100 kiosks in locations across Canada, preventing thousands of plastic water bottles from ending up in landfills. With the ability to attract a wide variety of high traffic events and venues for the placement of it’s kiosks, including civic facilities, universities and secondary schools, Waterfillz® also creates new advertising opportunities in venues that would be otherwise be closed to traditional advertisers. Contact us today to find out more!

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Interactive Wayfinding

Easy to Use

Our interactive 3D maps of your business are clear and easy to use, and can assist your customers find their way with step by step directions.

Optimized for Multi-level Environments

The mapping and wayfinding system includes any elevators, escalators, stairways and walkways between buildings. Getting directions between floors is easy.

Information at your Fingertips

On the map, users can touch each room to learn more about that location, such as room details or event information. Exploring your building has never been easier.

Knowing What You Need…

Where are you?

Advertise local attractions and restaurants on the kiosk, or promote your in-house casino and resort.

What types of media are broadcasting?

Display images and videos on the main rotators. Showcase menus and specials easily as a pdf or image.

Who is your target audience?

Do you want to promote attractions or help visitors find their way around? Or both!

What special features are required?

Think possibilities … a unique contest customized to attract customers to your kiosk or simply allow clients to see an events listing at a convention.

Get A Quote Based On Your Needs

Combine your software requirements with different hardware. We provide our clients with top quality, large, interactive touch screen kiosks and touch displays.

View Our Hardware Options



One Time Design
Cloud Services Fee

  • [icon class=”tick”]Screen of your choice
  • [icon class=”tick”]Touch Disabled
  • [icon class=”tick”]CMS Hosting
  • [icon class=”tick”]Contents Hosting
  • [icon class=”tick”]Custom Player



Speed Charing
High Compatibility

  • Most mobile devices
  • Six secured lockers
  • Digital Signage
  • Convenient charging
  • Payment options



Feature Requests
Software Development

  • 22″~46″ Touch Screen
  • Qwick Media CMS Pro
  • Custom Branded UI
  • Remote Manager
  • Custom Designed Apps

Contact us for a quote customized to meet your unique needs.

Please provide detailed information when making an inquiry so we can assist you, and offer you our best suggestions based on your needs.

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