An easier way to promote complex offerings

Financial institutions that use dynamic digital communications are better able to keep customers up to date on products and services while also increasing employee’s product knowledge.

Take advantage of our solutions to get important and changing financial information to both customers and employees.

Make use of customer waiting time to engage and inform. Educate both customers and employees on current or new product offerings, investment opportunities or banking services.

Creating a message is simple with our easy to use templates.

Messages can be scheduled, and options like the RSS feed mean that you can display live information such as tickers or news bulletins.

It also improves safety by providing security or emergency alerts by issuing video or audio notifications.

  • Advertise financial products, promotions and offers
  • Provide interactive wayfinding solutions for visitors
  • Provide digital staff directories with bios
  • Show news, weather, stocks, or weather updates
  • Increase revenues with targeted advertising
  • Deliver important announcements immediately
  • Make financial decisions based on live data
  • Post changing stock updates and exchange rate information
  • Promote community and partner programs
  • React quickly and send emergency announcements and amber alerts