Engaging systems that get noticed and are simple to use

Government communications need to reach wide audiences with relevant and targeted content.

Digital signage systems deliver the right message, at the right place and at the right time, for federal, provincial or municipal government departments and emergency services, or community-based government. Share live news, government announcements or supplement training.

Geographically targeted communication can be sent using an intuitive interface that provides for easy content creation with instant or scheduled programming.

Instant updates or manage scheduled content remotely.

  • Provide interactive wayfinding for visitors
  • Provide directory listings for visitors
  • Reduce perceived waiting times
  • Streamline check-in and waiting times
  • Deliver important news and bulletins
  • Share announcements such as security updates or waiting times
  • Show event scheduling
  • Target audiences with geographically relevant content
  • Supplement training and education
  • Show live news, stock, sports and weather information