Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Enrich the shopping experience like never before

Shopping Malls are an ideal venue to utilize interactive kiosks and digital signage to provide wayfinding and directory solutions, advertise mall tenants, provide coupon printing and many other services.

Qwick Media directories are a must for any large facility, with our kiosks programmed with up-to-date directory, service and wayfinding system you will be able to provide visitors with personalized assistance.

With our digital signage systems it’s never been easier to generate advertising revenues or cut down on the high cost of creating and distributing print ad campaigns and flyers.

Engage shoppers.

  • Provide interactive wayfinding solutions for your visitors
  • Display store layouts, shopping guides and other helpful store services
  • Increase the look and feel of your facility
  • Allow mall tenants and vendors the opportunity to advertise on your network
  • Increase revenues with targeted advertising
  • Incorporate live information such as news, sports, weather, and stock prices
  • Coupon printing available on demand for promotion efforts
  • Advertise upcoming events, new store openings and sales
  • New product announcements
  • Improve communications
  • Deliver emergency announcements more effectively including amber alerts
  • Provide additional tools to increase revenue for both your mall and mall tenants
  • Advertise loyalty programs and sign up procedures