Content Management System (CMS)

Our content management system allows you to manage every aspect of your signage across the entire network(s), while also allowing individual managers to add content specific information to individual networks.

It's not just about content creation, it's about getting content to the right channels. Our intuitive software allows for easy networking, enhanced security, and simple content management which enables any store manager or business owner to run their own micro-broadcasting network.

  • Manage your digital signage / interactive network(s) from any internet browser around the world.
  • Grow your network anywhere there is an internet connection and keep control through permission based users.
  • Our network interfaces with existing and future systems while also providing scalability for future requirements.
  • An open platform allows us to meet your current needs providing a flexible, scalable digital signage / interactive network that addresses your current network deviancies while also providing for enhancements.
  • Based on the individual requirements of operators, applications can be built on top of our core platforms.

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What is an Interactive Sign Content Management System?

It is a way for you to manage what your customers see and do on your interactive screens.  Well that sounds simple?  That is how we want our customers to feel when using our software. It should not be a difficult task reserved only for the people in the IT department.  You should be able to update your sign anywhere from the conference room to sitting poolside on your tablet.

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So what makes our software different from others?

A lot of the software you see out in the digital signage world gives you a set of features then you need to figure out how your problems can be solved with these limited set of features.  Once you figure this out and implement it, you are stuck with it. What if you want to add a new Feature? Connect to a new database or API? Well that is what makes us different. We work with you to setup base software that address your current business needs and provide the ability for your signage to grow with your business.

We have focused on usability and scalability and created a content syncing engine that manages your data from server to interactive sign.  The core platform that we have created is built to be easily extendable and allows us to add “Apps” to your software dynamically.

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Q: Can you pull information from XYZ type of database. (Flat, relational, XML, WSDL,JSON, ect)
A: Yes, if you give us access to your data source, we can hook into and extract the data you need.

Q: What happens to the sign if the internet goes down?
A: Our system is built to synchronize all of the data on the server locally. So if you lose internet connection to your sign, it is still up and running. Once an internet connection is detected again, the software will upload all of the analytics while it was away from the server and grab the new updates.

Q: I don't have time to manage the content on my network, can you manage it?
A: Yes, we have packages available that will allow you to, just send the content/changes to our email and we will handle the rest.

Our advanced proprietary software solutions are tailored for your specific needs.

Our CMS creates and manages applications in digital signage, interactive kiosks, wayfinding, digital directories, remote content management and more.