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Stanton Territorial Hospital NWT

Interactive Solutions for Healthcare in Multilingual Communities
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The Client

Stanton Territorial Hospital is a hospital based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, operated by the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority in Canada. With 100 available beds, it is the biggest hospital in the territory, providing 24/7 emergency care along with obstetrics, surgery, psychiatry, and pediatrics.

The Problem

Stanton Territorial Hospital contacted Qwick Media seeking a 3D wayfinding solution for their patients to navigate the multi-floored hospital with turn-by-turn directions. A major consideration for this project was to ensure the services could be offered in the 11 different languages of the region, 9 of which are Indigenous languages unique to the Northwest Territories. The kiosk had to be able to seamlessly switch in between languages so that every patient had the same level of access to services.

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The Solution

To rise to this challenge and fulfil the hospital’s self serivice technology needs, Qwick Media partnered with a number of local translators in the area to ensure all 11 languages were appropriately represented on the kiosk. Special care was placed on ensuring cultural and linguistic representation, ensuring each and every patient felt welcomed, respected and able to access vital services. The additional self-serve and multilingual features also allowed the hospital to reduce staffing costs by eliminating the need for human translation and repetitive navigational questions.

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