Customizable turnkey kiosk solutions for your organization.

Making Interactive Technology simple, one kiosk at a time. Information and directions where you need it, when you need it for all your self service needs.

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There’s no need to shop around.

Intuitive software. Attractive user interface design. Reliable hardware solutions. Qwick Media has everything you need to deploy and design self-service kiosks that your customers will love. We take care of the software, UI design and help you in selecting the best hardware options for your kiosk!

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Let our software and content management system do the heavy lifting for you!

For 10 years, we have been steadily establishing ourselves as leaders in the field of Interactive Technology. We have the expertise to develop custom kiosk solutions, tailored to achieve your organization’s business goals. Our user-friendly, cloud-based content management system works flawlessly inconjunction with our custom software solutions. This means, updating your kiosk network can be done remotely and in-real time! Our engineers can integrate your existing API’s into a custom CMS to seamlessly transfer data to your kiosk, while built-in analytics help you make data driven decisions for your business.

Attractively styled information at your clients’ fingertips.

We believe information can be beautiful! We offer design services to suit your brand and engage users, intuitively guiding them to complete their self-service tasks.

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Leading left line | Qwick Media solutions

Sleek hardware options designed with your space, and business goals in mind.

Not sure what you need? Our team will help you choose the best hardware option for your space and business needs. All models are designed to withstand rigorous use while still displaying attractive and engaging information.

QwickWay 3D Wayfinding

Our QwickWay platform is a cost-effective & versatile interactive wayfinding solution that designs & builds custom, multi-level interactive maps. Provide your guests with information and turn-by-turn directions to any point of interest on your property or building.

Supported by our user-friendly CMS, you’ll have the tools to easily update routes, track analytics, & add information, remotely and in real-time.

The QwickWay platform incorporates your buildings elevators, stairways, escalators and walkways making it easy for your guests to navigate between floors or across a large campus

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Curious to see how it works?

We love to show off our kiosks. From concept to deployment, we’re with you every step of the way. Let’s take a look together.

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So, what makes Qwick Kiosks so different?

We’re so glad you asked! Simply put: We have all of the components you’ll need to deploy an interactive kiosk solution for your business. There is no need to seek out multiple vendors for your hardware and software needs.Qwick Media has everything you need to put information at your visitors’ fingertips. Software, hardware and design? We do it all and cannot wait to bring your vision to life on a digital display.

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Featured Product

Qwick Tourist

We want to show off a little. Our Qwick Tourist platform allows you to build your own interactive tourism directory with customizable templates. It’s easy to use, simple to monetize and affordable for any sized city. Built-in templates make it easy for you to update content on-the-fly and offer your visitors real-time information. If you’re in the Tourism Industry, your visitors will love discovering your city with our interactive tourism kiosks!

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